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In addition to an onstage performance, you can also opt for a Magical Stunt effect.
David is one of India’s premiere escape artists. His most recent and most daring escapes include: The spike challenge, where he had to escape from chains and handcuffs before a rope burned through and released a set of spikes that impale him.
The Escape from Inferno had David chained and tied in a sack and covered with a carton and encircled with straw. The carton and straw were doused with petrol and set ablaze and David escaped with Houdini like showmanship. This escape is going down as one of the most dangerous feats ever performed by an Indian magician.
Flames and Fiber saw David tied to a chair with 100 feet of rope in the middle of a circle of fire. Like before the Spirit of Houdini pulled him through.

David can design a unique magical stunt effect especially for your event. These hi-impact performances are sure to leave your audience speechless and be talked about for a life time.